Coronet Peak

Brand Identity

Client: SUNY Buffalo State College

During my final course at SUNY Buffalo State College I was asked to pick a hotel in a foreign country to re-brand; preferably one that needed it. The project included the Logo, Business Stationery, Restaurant Menu, Advertisements, Mobile & Web Presence, a Video Commercial, Signage, Customer Takeaways, and a brand identity guide to hand to the client for future reference.

Coronet_stationery_display Coronet_businessCards



I chose Coronet Peak Ski Resort in New Zealand. The brand had little to no presence online and didn’t help itself stand out to all of the competition in the winter adventure wonderland.

After mood boarding, I knew what the brand needed. I wanted simple and clean, yet vibrant and bold. This would require use of a warm color with a clean typeface. Hence the choice for Helvetica Neue.

Below you see what their landing page for their website would look like, including an app that uses the latest technology in geo-location services to provide a unique experience at the resort.






The last print piece of the re-brand solution, was to also give the restaurant/arcade a new identity as well. Sticking with the Swiss-Style design, ‘The Wall’ restaurant menu is a clean and easy to read design that highlights the top-selling and most profitable items.



After the business was re-branded, I decided an online commercial would help with awareness and help provide traffic to the new website. Using Blender 3D & Adobe After Effects, the commercial was created to give a feeling of serenity, while providing the extraordinary details of the resort.

Click here to check out the  2015 Coronet Peak Style Guide.