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I was approached my a mutual friend of Angelo (Edalo) asking if I would be interested in doing some album artwork for him. I’ve always wanted to get in on the visual side of music, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Edalo had released music before, but this time around, he wanted to build something greater than just audio, he wanted a presence in the current music scene. After meeting with him and the record label, we decidedĀ the proper approach was to build his presence as a brand, and give him an identity.

After brainstorming ideas in the first meeting, the idea of using the glasses he wears as a key identifying factor for the graphics. With that in mind as well asĀ other notes from the meeting, I began sketching and finding different ways to incorporate his actual identity with the brand itself.

After some time, I began to play with a concept of visual

California Rush Album Artwork: