Manipulated Identities:
T-Shirt Illustrations by Eric Robinson

Senior Art Show

Self Promotion

One of the things that makes Communication Design students at SUNY Buffalo State College stand out from other graduates is their requirement to put on a self-promotional art show. The requirements for the course are to create pieces to fill a gallery space with their own original work and create all of the promotional materials to accompany the event. The type of work the student chooses to display are solely up to them.

When it came to deciding what I would do to showcase my personal taste, I sought out to make something that I haven’t seen anyone do yet. Having photography as a hobby, an interest in t-shirt printing techniques, and a few good friends to model for me; I went on to create my art show.

Each person I photographed has their own personality and traits (duh), but what I wanted to re-create was how I perceived the individuals in their own unique way. With the inspiration of photo manipulation artist Alberto Seveso, I created 5 pieces of work that allowed me to create something free and expressive.

All of the pieces were printed onto 11×17 pieces of high quality photo paper and were accompanied by a Large T-shirt with the image printed on it using the printing technique Dye-Sublimation. Each shirt has the image printed on it in full 150ppi.