Telempathy is a music project that is writing, releasing & marketing music using unique and non-traditional methods. When I was first approached by Nicole (the artist), she filled me in a little bit on what she was trying to create. As for what she wanted from me; something custom, recognizable, different. ‘The Beatles’ logo was thrown out there as an example. Something that is easily readable, but you don’t have to, because it’s become a symbol, not just a name.



I went on to sketch out ideas and find different ways the word, Telempathy, could be expressed. After narrowing it down to a few, I approached Nicole with the examples. Her response was immediate, and she knew exactly which direction she wanted me to take.




I began the next step in the process by tightening up the letters to create a harmony in the word/symbol. I wanted her logo to flow well, but keep you visually locked in. So instead of reading the word and moving on to the next element immediately, I wanted your eyes to be carried back to the beginning of the word for another look. Again, we wanted more than just a fancy word, we wanted a symbol.

The design unraveled before our eyes throughout the entire process, and before long, we reached our solution.

Nicole was an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s a constant force of positive energy and I can’t wait for her music to hit the ears of the masses. I am very excited to continue working with her as she builds this amazing project!


Final Logo: